hey guys, ok so i’ve been thinking and so has marcus. and we both are deciding to leave the rp. before anyone assumes shit, its not about the drama or anything like that. so done start shit. we just dont like, idk getting tired of it?no, um more like like we dont have time for it really. im in student council and have to plan the winter ball and ish. i just got accepted into this committee and have to go to meetings. i have to go back to my volunteer hours. im just getting really busy, and we’re all going to have to leave rp someday right? just want to go on with life yeah, i have a lot of stuff to do. well that day is today for me and marcus. we’ve been here for 7 months, i think thats a while and enough. i love you all so much omg im sorry D: its been an amazing time. my personal aim is: stayylovelyy and my personal tumblr is justcrazybeautifullife.tumblr.com if ya’ll need me. i love you guys so much.